Garmin’s Varia Vision Puts Ride Info Right On Your Line Of Sight


Google Glass may not have taken off, but that doesn’t mean an optical head-mounted display doesn’t have many real-world uses. The Garmin Varia Vision realizes one of those, using a head-mounted display to show riding stats without having to look down at a smartphone screen or a bike computer.

Designed to mount on the arm of your favorite pair of riding sunglasses, it puts a small display right in your line of sight, showing whatever information you want to access in real time. Whether you want to check your stats while training for a race, fitness metrics during a cycling workout, or turn-by-turn navigation prompts, you can keep your eyes on the road the entire time, providing a safer riding experience.


The Garmin Varia Vision is compatible with Garmin Edge cycling computers, displaying riding metrics, performance stats, and turn-by-turn navigation prompts, as well as the Varia Radar, so you’ll immediately know when there are cars trailing you from behind. A glove-friendly touch panel on the outside allows you to switch between different information using quick swipes, with an integrated vibration mechanism for providing alerts without changing up the display. The onboard screen has enough room to show four data fields at a time, along with color-coded graphics and charts.

Measuring 2.5 x 0.77 x 0.78 inches and weighing 1.1 oz, it’s small and light enough to add no discomfort to your eyewear, making it a convenient tool to have around. Features include 428 x 40 pixel resolution, IPX7 water-resistance, ANT+ connectivity, and a battery rated at 8 hours of operation.

Available now, the Garmin Varia Vision is priced at $399.99.

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