Garmin Vivomove Puts A Fitness Tracker Inside A Dressy Watch


Fitness bands are great for a recording your stats on a whole load of activities and they don’t look all that bad either when paired with your usual roster of athletic sportswear. Problem is, you spend most of the day decked in less-than-sporty attires, making the silicone band on your wrist stick out, looking totally out of place. That won’t be a problem with the Garmin Vivomove.

Instead of a sporty wristband, Garmin’s newest wearable is styled to look like an elegant analog watch that looks perfectly suited with everyday work outfits. That way, you can put on your regular band for activity tracking during a run or while at the gym, then slip into this thing as soon as you change into less athletic fare, whether it’s a buttoned-up suit, a business casual garb, or plain tee-and-jeans.


Unlike most tech-packing watches, the Garmin Vivomove is an actual analog timepiece, albeit reinforced with a couple of digital elements for activity tracking. Specifically, there are two curved LCD bars on each side of the dial, which fill up and down similar to the gauges in various video games. The left bar is a visual signal of how many steps you’ve taken, while the right bar tracks how long you’ve been sedentary, filling up as soon as you’ve been inactive for an hour, reminding you to move as it hits that milestone (it resets as soon as you get up and walk).


It records the usual fitness tracking metrics, although you’ll have to use the accompanying smartphone apps to see any of the readings beyond the two bars on the watch face. Features include a rechargeable battery rated for one year of operation, 50 meters of water resistance, and three models (sport, classic, and premium).

Available now, pricing for the Garmin Vivomove starts at $149.99.