Gas Mask Bra: From Undergarment To Emergency Protection In A Couple Of Snaps


There's a gas attack, take off your bras if you want to survive!  Yeah, I want to be there when that happens, too.  And if the Gas Mask Bra ever picks up in popularity, that might just turn out to be an accurate account.

Able to transform from a brassiere into two protective face masks, the clever undergarment lets you be ready in the face of an unexpected emergency.  You can wear both face masks (if you're really, really paranoid) or give the other one to me - while I ogle your dangling...uhmm....yeah.  Hopefully, you put a good perfume on early in the day - I know if that was my underwear, you'll be throwing up your breakfast within minutes.


The Gas Mask Bra works simply enough, using a modified strapless bra design, with the hooking mechanism installed at either end of the band.  It also comes with connectors between the cups that you can unhinge to get a usable pair of face masks.  Wrap the band around the base of your head and, like magic, you're wearing decent protection over your face and mouth.

Created by Illinois-based Dr. Elena Bodnar, the half-undergarment, half-emergency equipment recently won the Ig Nobel awards for Public Health, honored alongside similarly odd inventions and research.  No word on what kinds of air pollutants and gases it can actually keep out, but a strong enough material should keep most common dangers at bay.

There's no word on whether there are plans to actually manufacture the clever undergarment.  I fully support any efforts towards building it, though, and look forward to watching during the live demonstration.  Please invite me.

[Improbable via Telegraph]