GasCase Diesel And Fuel Bring Gas Station Chic To The Jetset Crowd

Here’s a guaranteed way to get you flagged by airport security: bring along luggage disguised as jerrycans. Infuriating airport personnel is exactly what you’ll do with the GasCase Diesel and GasCase Fuel, two trolley cases that epitomize “gas station chic.”

Okay, I just made up that last phrase. Paired with a service shirt complete with a name patch, though, that’s about the only way I can describe your blue collar fashion aesthetic.

Both bags are made from pickled sheet steel that’s 0.9mm thick, with heavy-duty trolley wheels and an aluminum telescopic handle attached to them. Each case sports 47 x 35 x 16 cm dimensions, painted to a shine in one of seven colors and secured with a butterfly lock. The GasCase Diesel opens to the side with the bag splitting right in the middle like regular travel luggage, while the Fuel opens from the top like a box with a lid.

The pair is created by Frankfurt-based Ivorilla, who are selling them as durable alternatives to regular luggage. I’ll say. Not only will they protect your precious electronics and undergarments from the hazards of the baggage compartment, they’re guaranteed to scare off everyone in the vicinity too. Try walking with one of these in a mall with a dynamite candle strapped to it and time how fast you can send people into a panic. My guess? You won’t get past a minute.

While we can’t find the pricing on the product page, both the GasCase Diesel and GasCase Fuel are supposed to retail in Europe for €100 (approximately $137).

[GasCase Diesel /Fuel via Core 77]