These Gay Jeans Slowly Reveal Their True Colors And They Were Born This Way

These Gay Jeans are indigo on the outside and rainbow on the inside. And that’s not even a metaphor. It was born this way.

Designed by Steven B. Wheeler and made by Betabrand, it’s a pair of jeans that start out life as an indigo denim. Over use, though, that top layer fades and sheds, showing its true colors and turning into denim with technicolor threads that you can parade around town with pride. Or something like that.

Granted, I would have expected something more ostentatious for something that has the gall to be named Gay Jeans. Like brightly-colored flowers, butterfly-shaped confetti, or something similar that makes for a very loud pair of trousers. Still, this seems more tasteful, with colorful threads that require closer inspection to adequately discern, like a secret available only to those who dare to look up close, making it plenty wearable for everyone, regardless of which way you bat.

The pants have a traditional slim fit: regular through the seat and thigh; and slim through the leg. Fabric is US-milled 100% cotton denim, with a classic five-pocket style and dark gold contrast stitching. The fading appears to begin sooner than most of your other jeans, with the technicolor threads starting to show after around a week of wearing plus a single wash cycle. It will, however, take a while before the whole indigo layer washes off completely.

Want a pair? Betabrand currently has the Gay Jeans on preorder, with pricing set at $88.20.

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