Use GazeBox To Add An Enclosed Carport In Your Driveway


Got a new car, no more space in the garage? You can always build a carport in the driveway. If you’re looking for something that won’t require having to apply for a construction permit, maybe you’d enjoy picking up the GazeBox instead.

Described as a “foldable cover system,” it’s a pre-fab structure that you can simply anchor on the ground to immediately use as an instant carport, gazebo, or any other kind of enclosed space. When placed in the driveway, for instance, you can use it as a covered parking space, as well as a gazebo when someone takes out the car. Place it in the backyard, then use it as a workshop or as a canopy to keep the sun out when you’re grilling a batch of steaks.


With its covers pulled down, the GazeBox forms a half circle, making it ideal for housing automobiles. While it’s transparent enough to allow you to see what’s inside, the panels are UV-coated, so it keeps harmful sun rays out just as much as it will shrug off rain and snow. Controlled using a remote control, it only opens and closes at the push of a button, making it impossible for curious kids and pets to get inside and make a mess (unless you let them in, of course). It even comes color-changing LEDs, so you can make the darn thing look like a gaudy showroom at night.


Construction is reinforced iron for the framework and polycarbonate for the panels. Options include an aerator, air-conditioning, theft alarm, hail and rain detector, and even solar panels. It comes in five standard sizes, with custom dimensions also available.

No pricing is listed, but you can learn more about GazeBox directly from their website.

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