Gboard Puts One-Press Gmail Shortcuts At Your Fingers

Spend half of your day in Gmail, the other half in Facebook and whatever time remains doing work in real life? Simplify the first part of that equation with the Gboard, a USB keyboard that gives you shortcut buttons to the most-used functions in Gmail.

No more messing with scrolling and multiple mouse clicks. Using the accessory, you can simply tap a single button to see all your Starred messages, move to the next thread because the one you’re reading about work is boring, forward the latest viral nonsense or trash the newest Nigerian scammer email. No more staring at the screen trying to find where the Compose button is – just reach out for the peripheral and tap on that thing with the pencil icon to launch the editor.

The Gboard is a USB keyboard with 19 colorful keys, each one pre-programmed to act as a shortcut for a common Gmail command. Small at 4.88 X 3.5 X .38 inches, it should fit easily into your laptop bag, making it perfect for quickly checking emails on the road. It’s completely plug and play on newer Mac and Windows systems, requiring no extra installations in order to be used. Linux users might want to give it a trial first, as the retail site says it hasn’t been tested on any flavor except Ubuntu.

Since having quick-press shortcuts should save you some time, you can then use the extra few minutes to read even more emails, spend more time on Facebook, sleep at work or even…gasp… do actual productive work. It’s available on Thinkgeek for only $19.99.

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