Beach Rocker Is A Folding Rocking Chair For Sandy And Grassy Surfaces


You’re not going to be lacking any options when shopping for low-height beach chairs, which allow you to rest your weary legs while sitting slightly elevated above sand and water. The GCI Waterside Beach Rocker, however, does others one better by doubling as a rocking chair that can make chilling in the sand way more relaxing than on ordinary beach chairs.

No, it doesn’t quite work like traditional rocking chairs that rely on curved legs to make it move back and forth while set down on a surface. Instead, it uses a patent-pending spring-action system that enables continuous rocking motion even on surfaces like sand and grass where it normally would be difficult. And, yes, this thing rocks in a really smooth manner, allowing you to use it to rock children to sleep when in the beach or inside your hotel room.


The GCI Waterside Beach Rocker can fold flat for easy storage, allowing you to stash it in the boot of the car as well as under tables when lounging at the beach. The outfit claims it’s designed to open and close easily via their EAZY-FOLD mechanism, ensuring you can use it with absolutely zero hassles, whether you’re enjoying the relaxing views at the beach, taking a break at the outdoor festival, or kicking it back around the campfire at night. Do note, it doesn’t fold as slim as some beach chairs you’ve probably used, since the spring-based rocking system adds a good load of material to the frame, although it does collapse into a reasonably slim 5.5 inches in thickness when fully folded.

Like many beach chairs, it’s designed to sit low and close to the ground (seat height is just 14.8 inches), so taller people might find it a little difficult to slip in and out. If you’re familiar with beach chairs and don’t mind the height, though, the added rocking motion should make this a more interesting choice than any other similar product in the market, since, let’s be honest, getting lulled by a gentle rocking just makes chilling in the sand a thousand times more relaxing.


The GCI Waterside Beach Rocker has a slightly-angled seat that ensures a comfortable sitting position, with a mesh backrest, so you can sit all day without leaving your back a sweaty mess. A cup holder out front lets you keep a cold beverage to sip on while laughing at everyone else sitting uncomfortably and getting dirty on the sand, while padded arm rests allow you to set down your arms without touching the chair’s metal frames.

According to GCI, the chair’s all-aluminum frame is sturdy enough to support up to 250 pounds, so even chunkier individuals should be able to enjoy rocking while people-watching at the beach. It does that while weighing just 10.8 pounds, too, so you should be able to carry it around without straining your muscles, especially with the integrated carrying handle.

Want one? The GCI Waterside Beach Rocker is available now.

GCI Outdoor Waterside Beach Rocker Folding Beach...
  • Portable beach friendly rocking chair quickly and easily folds flat for storage and transportation