Gecko: Adhesive Textiles For Your Windows


Want decorative windows, don’t want to pay for expensive home renovations?  Dress that plain glass up real sexy with the Gecko, an adhesive decorative fabric that works like temporary wallpaper for your windows.  Yep, we said temporary, which means you can easily remove them without leaving any trace residues.

A first-of-its-kind solution, it has received numerous commendations, including the Swiss Textile Design Award, the AIT Innovation for Fabrics and Objects, the Interior Innovation Award and the Red Dot Prize for Excellent Design Quality.  How could simple dressings for glass be treated as so revolutionary?


The Gecko uses a unique UV-resistant, flame-retardant textile with an adhesive backside, allowing it to stick to pore-free surfaces without any auxiliary equipment.  They are made to size and are as convenient as window decorations can get, requiring no messing with scissors and glue on homeowners’ part.  Just take it out of the booklet-sized box, “hang” it on the surface and you’re set with a new gorgeous window.


Developed by Création Baumann, the window decals can be reused several times over (with no loss of adhesive properties) to give any glass surface that expensive-looking treated look.   You can “hang” them on everything from living room windows to glass doors to glass rails, providing both glare protection and interior privacy, apart from its decorative benefits.

Current designs available include Coleo (leaf pattern), Favo (hexagonal pattern), Linea (broken lines) and Quadro (diamonds).  Each one can be ordered in different colors, all with a fleece-like texture.  Pricing varies, though, so you’ll have to get in touch with the company with your exact measurements.

[Creation Baumann via Inventor Spot]