Use The GekkoGum To Mount GoPros And Smartphones Absolutely Anywhere


It looks like a piece of gum you can purchase by the bag at any grocery. Don’t put it in your mouth, though, since there’s nothing edible about the GekkoGum. Instead, this clay-like substance is actually a highly-versatile mount that allows you to stick your phone, GoPro, and similarly-sized gadgets on any surface.

You know those reusable adhesives that let you stick your phone on a wall so you can take hands-free selfies? Well, it works the same way. Except, you know, this thing comes in a clay-like form that you can shape in any form you want. As such, it can be adjusted to accommodate less conventional mounting options, making it a more versatile alternative than the usual pads and tiles currently in use.


The GekkoGum is a sticky rubber compound that’s odorless and grease-free, so it won’t leave any residue, whether on your gadgets or the mounting surfaces. It can support a maximum 7oz of weight, which may not sound much, but covers, pretty much, every smartphone and action cam currently available in the market.


While it leaves no residue, the compound itself can accumulate dirt (especially when you stick it to trees and rocks), at which point, you can simply wash it under the tap. Each one comes packaged in a triangle-shaped wrap that can be reused over and over, so the compound doesn’t have to sit bare while stashed away in your bag.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the GekkoGum. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €15.

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