Hercules XPS Diamond Gem-Shaped Speakers

You’ve already got desktop speakers, but won’t mind something just a little more eye-catching?  Try the XPS Diamond, a portable USB speaker clad in an ostentatious gem shape.

Made by Hercules, the design is said to “appeal to female audiences,” with its unmistakable black diamond styling.  You know, because diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the speaker looks like a gigantic precious stone.  Yep, it’s tacky marketing that tries a tad too hard to appeal to women, but those speakers do look fine (as you can tell, I have… uhm… questionable taste).

The Hercules XPS Diamond is a desktop speaker, consisting of two satellites that measure 9 x 6 x 8.5 cm. each.  A single USB cable provides power and audio to the set, which makes for a lot less wire clutter on your desk (and on your bag when you’re taking it on the road).   The design is very clean, with no controls right on the unit itself; instead, it comes with a mini-remote where you can set the volume.

Both satellites are magnetic-shielded to block out interference and are held up by a clear ABS base so the “diamonds” look like they’re floating in the air.   A classy-looking black velvet case is thrown in for convenient transport (that pointed back end could end up puncturing your bag or scratching any gadget it shares space with, after all).

Granted, the Hercules XPS Diamond is just a tad cheesy.  But we heard so are you, so it’s a match made in gaudy heaven.  You can get a set for $40.