Geneva Sound System XS Boasts Hi-Fi Sound In A Clamshell Form

Boombox systems may be portable, but they’re still a handful to carry around during trips.  A real portable audio system should fit in your jacket while delivering a decent quality of sound.  That’s exactly what the Geneva Sound System XS promises.

Measuring 6.2. x 4 x 4.5 inches, the device is small enough to easily slide into any bag.  Heck, you should be able to cram it into most of your clothing’s pockets.  It weighs light at 1.1 lbs., too, making for real mobile gear for playing your music.

Borrowing from retro travel clocks, the Geneva Sound System XS comes in a clamshell design, giving it an integrated protective case decked in a leather-like material to ensure no damage during trips.  Instead of the clock face, the speaker unit flips up when opened, piping tunes from either a  3.5 mm cable or wirelessly over Bluetooth.  Billed as the “world’s first portable audio system with true Hi-Fi sound,” this 2.1-channel speaker boasts a pair of 1-inch tweeters and one 2.25-inch woofer, with each speaker individually powered and chambered for more accurate acoustics.

There’s no onboard LCD, but display information is projected using LEDs right on the grille, making for a really unique style.  Other features include an FM tuner, alarm clock, digital clock with alarm, touch sensitive controls on the top edge, and a rechargeable 2,700 mAh lithium battery (rated at over 5 hours of playback).

The Geneva Sound System XS is available in white, black and red colors, priced at $299.

[Geneva Lab]