Geoffrey Parker’s Contemporary Game Table Is The 33-In-One Of Tabletop Classics


Fancy an occasional tabletop game as a break from button-mashing on the PS3?  You can buy a few boardgames at the toy store or go all out with the Contemporary Game Table, a luxurious hand-built home furnishing with 33 tabletop games slyly stored in its body.

While the striking orange finish may not be your first color choice, it’s a piece that’s designed to stand out and manages it successfully.  Wrapped in high-quality Dauphin calf leather and finished with stainless steel accents, it should feel equally comfortable in a home’s recreation room or aboard a yacht.  Of course, each piece is bespoke so you can order a different leather color that would suit your particular requirements much better.

The actual table area sports a center panel pivot that can be removed to reveal a mahogany roulette wheel or flipped to the other side for a printed leather backgammon board.  The rest of the 31 games are all stored on the leather-bound drawers along the cupboard, each of which you can easily pull out and lay on the table for a good old time.  Intended as an indulgent treat as much as a fun way to pass the hours, all game boards are printed on lamb skin and feature exquisite detail seldom found in tabletop toys.

Games include the usual suite of suspects like chess, dominoes and bridge, along with licensed titles such as Scrabble, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.  Make sure to check out the product page for the complete list of tabletop entertainment the Contemporary Game Table offers.  Designed by Geoffrey Parker, this veritable shrine to simpler gaming times is currently available for a rich $22,500, with various customizations available.

[Geoffrey Parker via Elite Choice]