Studio Roller Puts A Large Roll Of Paper On Your Wall For Notes And Scribbles


Having a large roll of paper on your wall that you can write on be very convenient, whether you’re running a household, an office, or a commercial store, since they let you leave messages, jot down lists, and spell out reminders that are quite impossible to miss. If you think such a thing will be beneficial to your home or workplace, you might want to check out the Studio Roller from George and Willy.

Billed as “an innovative way to display information in your café, office, or home,” it’s, basically, a large roll of kraft paper that’s designed to mount on your wall. You know, the same way you mount a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, except instead of using the paper to clean up, you use it scribble menu items, to-do lists, and anything else you want to put on paper for everyone to see.


The George and Willy Studio Roller consists of a powder-coated aluminum bracket designed to hold rolls of paper and a strip of frame that you mount below it for holding the paper in place (so it won’t fly when the electric fan blows its way). Both are designed for mounting up a wall using bundled screws, so you will want to pull out the screwdriver for this project. Once mounted, just load your roll of kraft paper and you’re set – with a thick pile of long blank sheets just waiting for your Sharpie to come its way. It’s designed to fit any standard kraft roll you can purchase off a paper supplies store, so you should be able to get refills without any problem.

The roller comes in four sizes, each done designed to accommodate different widths of kraft roll. They have an 18.7-inch bracket for 18-inch rolls, a 24.6-inch bracket for 24-inch rolls, a 36.4-inch bracket for 36-inch rolls, and a 48.2-inch bracket for 48-inch rolls. It can accommodate rolls up to 8.6 inches thick, so that’s a good load of kraft paper for all your vertical scribbling needs.


Whether you’re looking for a disposable alternative to whiteboards (or whiteboard-painted walls) or one that you can tear when you need to take the note with you, the George and Willy Studio Roller sounds like an excellent solution. Granted, there are many applications where this won’t make for a better alternative, but for some, this could make the job just a little easier. Plus, having all that kraft paper on hand makes it easy to hide things from your co-workers, like when you steal your cubicle neighbor’s donut, simply package it in this brown paper to make it look like you got one straight from the store before you came to work this morning. Or something like that.


Don’t need kraft paper that large, but still want something similar to write on but in a smaller package? George and Willy also make the Daily Roller, which is designed to work with rolls measuring 8.3 inches wide, as well as the Note Roller, a receipt-sized roll designed for use on desks.

Pricing for the George and Willy Studio Roller starts at $165.

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