Gerber’s Center-Drive Just May Be The Best Multi-Tool In Existence


Multi-tools are great, giving you access to a whole bunch of function without taking up a whole lot of space. Problem is, they don’t actually function quite as well as full-sized hand tools, making them a whole lot more cumbersome to use. Gerber wants to change that with its Center-Drive Multi-Tool.

Their goal here is straightforward: offer a versatile multi-tool with elements that function as well as each tool’s dedicated counterpart. Simply put, they want people to use these as their go-to tools rather than alternatives for deploying in a pinch, whether you’re working on tasks in the office, the job site, or the garage.


The star attraction of the Gerber Center-Drive is the integrated screwdriver, with its full-size length and ability to accept standard bits. More importantly, the screwdriver head ends up at the tool’s center axis when unfolded, making it feel like a traditional screwdriver during use. Aside from that, it also comes with spring-loaded needlenose and regular pliers, allowing you to slide each tool out with just one hand, along with a knife blade that’s 30 percent longer than what you’ll normally find in similarly-sized multi-tools, like the Leatherman OHT.

Other tools include a second blade (serrated), pry bar, awl, wire cutters, wire strippers, file, ruler, and bottle opener. It comes with two bits (flathead and Phillips), along with a dual-mount sheath for safe transport.

Slated for availability in November, the Gerber Center-Drive is priced at $89.

Gerber Gear 30-001194N Center-Drive Multitool with...
  • The Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool, includes a 12 piece standard bit set and Black sheath