Swiss Knife Replacement: The Gerber GDC Everyday Carry Tools

As awesome as pocket multi-tools are, many of the flip-out tools end up just downright hard to use.  Between the bulky handle and the tool’s tiny size, they just end up really tough to work with.  As an alternative, you may want to consider carrying these Gerber GDC Everyday Carry Tools instead.

Instead of multi-tools, the set consists of individual mini-tools geared for specific purposes, ensuring that each one is perfectly functional.  They can be squared away in a pocket, hung on a lanyard or hooked onto your keychain, making for an easily-accessible gear you can deploy while on the go.

The Gerber GDC Everyday Carry Tool consists of six separate tools: the Tech Skin Pocket Knife, the Hook Knife Ring, the LED Light & Bottle Opener, the Mini Keychain Knife, the Hex Mini Multi-Tool, and the Driver Mini Multi-Tool.  Don’t let the “multi-tool” in the name of the last two items confuse you — one is just a multi-bit hex key and the other is a multi-bit screwdriver.  The Tech Skin Pocket Knife is the biggest of the set, measuring 3.4 inches long when closed, with a 2.52-inch blade, so it’s strictly for holding in your pocket. The rest of the set measures around 2 inches, give or take, with loops or rings for hooking on a lanyard, key fob, or a zipper on your Heat-Reactive Jacket.

Sure, they’re still small, but any of the tools should do their work capably.  They also come with easy-grip rubberized Techhide handles, so they won’t scratch any of the gear that share space in your pocket.

Each of the items in the Gerber GDC Everyday Carry Tool is available individually from Thinkgeek, priced starting at $9.99.  You can also get the full set for $84.99.

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