Gerber Magnipliers Boast Better Ergonomic Function Than Other Fishing Pliers


Last year, Gerber released a multi-tool aimed at anglers, giving them a single tool for cutting, scaling, and gutting their catch, along with a whole load of other fishing tasks. One thing it didn’t do well, though, was take the place of fishing pliers.  If you enjoyed their take on a fishing multi-tool, maybe you’ll also appreciate the outfit’s version of the ubiquitous crimper in the form of the Gerber Magnipliers.

No, it isn’t a multi-tool bundling multiple fishing functions in a single rig. Instead, Gerber’s version of the ubiquitous angling tool focuses on ergonomics, improving the pliers’ power and control using a few critical design adjustments. So yeah, the outfit made a pair of fishing pliers that, they claim, should be more efficient tool than what’s currently available in the market.


The Gerber Magnipliers uses a new design called Bearhand Control, where they optimized the space between the handles to engage the user where the hand is strongest, added an oversized finger choil for giving your forefinger a trigger grip, and shaped the nose such that it’s canted downward, so the angler has a clear line of sight when removing a hook off a fish’s mouth. Altogether, these three refinements make it considerably easier to perform a variety of fishing tasks, whether you’re changing the hook on your bait, removing a hook from a fish, or any of the numerous crimping tasks you’ll be doing whenever you spend the day angling.

It has jaw tips that the outfit describes as “purposely biased open” in order to ensure that the cutters will close completely whenever you’re gripping an object. Grip it with a little extra force and even the tips will close, allowing you to manipulate even the smallest hooks with relative ease. It’s spring-loaded, of course, so it should automatically open as soon as you release your grip, just like the pair of pliers you usually carry with you whenever you hit the nearest lake, while a plunge lock ensures it doesn’t accidentally open when you don’t want it to.


The Gerber Magnipliers has a heat-forged aluminum construction, so it should be as durable as any of your favorite tools, while allowing them to shape the handles in an optimized manner, providing users with a comfortable grip without using rubber molds to reinforce them. Ditching the molded grips also means there’s no rubber to degrade over time, all without sacrificing user comfort during use. Do note, the aluminum construction means this is only optimized for freshwater fishing, requiring you to rinse it in fresh water any time you use it in the ocean.


It comes with swappable jaw tips with outboard fasteners and swappable carbide cutters that are reversible, so you can easily buy replacements as soon as they degrade, instead of having to purchase a new set of pliers entirely. A hole at the end of the handle allows you to secure it to a lanyard, while the included nylon sheath is equipped with a belt loop for clipping it to your hip and a D-ring for hanging the ensemble on a hook when not in use.

The Gerber Magnipliers is available now.

Gerber Magniplier Freshwater Fishing Pliers
  • Spring-loaded pliers lessen hand fatigue and are held in check by a plunge lock