Gerber Steady Multi-Tool Includes A Tripod

Pocket multi-tools are nothing new.  Ones that are actually useful (let’s be real — those super small blades and scissors are barely functional), however, are quite rare.  And the Gerber Steady should be one of them.

Setting itself apart from similar pocket multi-tools, this one comes with a unique tripod function that lets you mount a camera for hands-free shooting.  Yep, it crams a fully-functional tripod on top of all the usual implements, making it an ideal companion for anyone planning to take snaps while on the go.

The Gerber Steady will come with 12 total tools.  Other than a tripod and a knife, details are sparse on what kinds of implements will be included, although we’re guessing there’s some room to customize here (as most other pocket multi-tools offer).  For the tripod, a standard mounting screw pops out from one side, allowing you to slip in your favorite compact or SLR onto it.  To hold it steady over a flat surface, just fold out the two legs and set it down.

A tripod actually makes perfect sense for a pocket multi-tool.  If you’re going to carry one for a camping trip or a weekend hike, you may as well take that one you can use to pose for a photo with a bear (or a half-naked jungle woman) you meet in the middle of the woods, right?

Can’t wait to pick one up?  Well, that sucks because you’ll have to — the Gerber Steady won’t be released until next year (it’s not even on their website yet).  Price is being pegged at $65.

[via Gear Junkie]