Keepin’ It Hygienic: The Pocket Purifier

You’ve got a sanitizer for your shoes and your phone.  But what about all the other dirty things you come across on a daily basis?  For that, you’ve got the Pocket Purifier, a candybar-shaped sanitizing device that you can bring along for instantly cleaning any germ-infested surfaces you come upon.

Armed with the same UV-C light used to sterilize surgical equipment, it can kill 99.99% of disease-causing microorganisms (according to the product page, e-coli, staphylococcus and salmonella are easy victims, as well as germs that cause the flu and the common cold) with just 15 seconds of use.  This makes it perfect when you frequently come in contact with public equipment, like sticky restrooms and stained motel beds.

The Pocket Purifier is a rectangular slab that looks similar in size and form to a chunky TV remote.  It leaves no chemicals of any sort on the surfaces it runs through, so it’s safe to use even on food items.  To get cracking with the device, simply aim the 4W ultraviolet light on the surface you’re looking to clean up for a quarter-minute and you’re done.  Power is drawn from four AA batteries.

Germophobes of the world deserve a protective gadget to keep everything they touch clean and the Pocket Purifier is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at $19.99.