Gessi Goccia Concept Puts A Kitchen Faucet In Your Dining Table

Need to wash your hands before dinner?  Forget about getting up and running to the sink.  Just slide your chair over to the end of this concept furniture promoting the Gessi Goccia Kitchen Faucet, which features a dining table with an integrated water faucet and sink.

Designed by Prospero Result, the furniture seeks to save space by adjoining the kitchen sink right into the dining table.  While definitely unconventional, it actually makes good sense, especially for combined kitchen/dining areas with very limited room.

We’re not sure if the Gessi Goccia will ever be sold as a dining table/kitchen faucet combo or if the company will leave it as a stylish showcase concept for their faucets and sinks.  Either way, this is a very creative idea that has a definite appeal.  Imagine this, for instance, as a backyard dining table and outdoor kitchen setup.  Pretty sleek, right?

According to the Trendir feature, the faucet can be bought in a variety of styles: opaque white, opaque black, glossy white, glossy black, polished silver and polished gold.  They all come with Gessi’s conservation feature, which allows you to use only 50% of the water, compared to other faucets when doing the same things.

Again, we can’t find information about purchasing a real dining table/kitchen faucet solution, but I can imagine some amount of real success from something like that, especially since Gessi is a niche luxury brand.  You can check out the company website to find out more about their products.

[Gessi via Trendir]