Area Is A Gesture-Controlled Closet Light

There are plenty of options already for smart lighting in the home.  For some reason, though, we’ve been seeing little attention paid to doing the same for area lighting — like those low-power LEDs you use for the closet or the storage room you built under the stairs.  That changes now with the Area.

Made by Dreipuls, it’s a 600 x 125 x 28 mm strip containing a series of LED lamps that you can switch on and off using swipe gestures.  Yep, like magic.  Install this on your closet, along with automatic sliding doors, and you’ve got yourself the closet of the future as imagined in campy sci-fi movies and comic books.

It gets better.  Not only can you control the Area with swiping gestures, you can control each LED individually.  Armed with sensors that detect position, it will only switch those LEDs where your hands are sitting right under when you swipe.  That way, you can control both the amount and position of illumination in the space for energy efficient operation.  A total of 24 warm white LEDs are installed on the light’s aluminum frame, offering a total color temperature of 2900 K.

While designed for closets, there might actually be plenty of uses for a low-light unit like this, especially with the amount of control it allows for choosing how many LEDs can be switched on at the same time.  It’s available directly from Dreipuls, although no pricing is listed (which could only mean it’s probably going to expensive)!

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