Get Naked Bikini Dissolves In Water….Score!


Water-soluble fabric used to be such a bad idea.  Who the hell will pay good money for clothes that will dissolve when you sweat on it?  Apparently, some badly-burned boyfriends, that’s who.

Shamelessly marketed as a way for guys to get back at their ex-girlfriends, Get Naked Bikini, a water-soluble set of top and bottom swimwear, is possibly the most brilliant use for the technology.  Like the description suggests, the two-piece outfit will disappear just three minutes after being submerged in water, creating an extremely awkward situation for whoever’s unfortunate enough to wear it.

The ill-intentioned poolside garb is available in black and comes in various sizes.    Made from special materials (80% polyamid  and 20% elasthan), the bikini can be worn normally, looking and feeling no different than a regular beach suit, while crumbling within minutes of being in the water.

If you’re planning a pool party or beach outing any time soon, this should make for some interesting pranks.  Interesting, as in, you’re probably going to end up with a gang of women kicking you in the nuts, while calling the police.

Seriously, though, they should make this standard wear for all the reality shows with pool and jacuzzi scenes.  All in the interest of good TV, of course.  The water-dissolving Get Naked Bikini is supposed to available like now.
After some research, we couldn’t find any great deals on get naked bikini for you (someone needs to stock this thing), but here is what is available now.

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