Get The Newest Guitar Available: Your Keyboard

Jam Legend Guitar

Jam Legend Guitar

Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist strumming the latest Fender or a seasoned video gamer duking it out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band with a controller, There is something new on the market  so cool you’ll feel as though you’re in a real band.  We all have a guitar player or a wannabe rock star inside us.  Many insist they can live without the guitar in their lives, but it only takes one time holding a guitar, real or simulated, to get the taste of power that can only come from experiencing what it must be like as a rock legend.

Whether or not you’re one of the many that’s felt the bite and can’t get enough play out of your guitar, you’ll want to hear about the latest gadget that will quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Other guitars rely on you to purchase expensive pieces of equipment. Even a cheap guitar can cost around $100 dollars, and video games that simulate the experience will run about the same price.

Jam Legend now offers a guitar game that can allow you to play a game much like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, with one exception. To play the guitar, just pick up your keyboard, turn it over, and play! The controls are easier to adapt to than you would think. Simply press the space bar to strum, then use the F1-F5 keys as fret bars.

With the Jam Legend guitar experience, there’s no need to buy expensive accessories. All you need is a computer, your keyboard, and to select one of the many songs available from their website. Best of all, their service is free, allowing you to access a variety of songs and even share your own on a social network.