Get Your House Cleaned By Scantily-Clad Maids…Really

Getting someone to clean your house is great.  Having someone mop your floor and dust your furniture  while dressed in their birthday suits is usually just stuff 13-year old boys dream about.   Until now.  Live like a king in your very own inane fantasy with Penthouse Maids, a cleaning service that sends scantily-clad housekeepers to take care of your abode.  Really.

Available only in the Chicago area (for now - they just launched), they offer both male and female cleaning professionals duly trained to spruce up your place while playing eye candy.   The maids will arrive fully clothed, but will change in your choice of risqué fashion before doing any work.  Choices include bikini, lingerie, maid outfit, topless and nude, with each fantasy-fulfilling garb bringing its own price tag.

Penthouse Maids' personnel can do all aspects of cleaning, from making your bed to washing your dishes to spit-shining your bathroom tiles.  In case your house has been cleaned top to bottom and you still want them around, you can also hire them for dinner service, butler duties, hosting and light office work (answering calls, serving coffee, stuffing envelopes, etc.), all while decked in whichever attire (or lack of it) suits your fancy.

Just like in a strip club, though, you're restricted to observing the maids do their thing.  They're adamant about not being an escort service, so no physical contact whatsoever.  Other rules include a maximum of four people in the house, no souvenirs (photos or videos) and absolutely no alcohol while carrying out the service.

If you're going to pay someone to get your house in order, you may as well enjoy watching them do it.  And we can’t imagine how house-cleaning can get more interesting than what Penthouse Maids offer.  Pricing and list of services are available from their website.

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