Get Your Medieval On



While we sit in our cubicles, we dream of the days of yore when knights rode great steeds and carried large weapons of honed steel – and probably got major chafing as well.  Well, now we don’t have to wait until we get home to log onto the computer and play whatever medieval game makes us jump for joy – now you can play with medieval toys in your cubicle.

These wooden catapults and trebuchet kits will give you a few hours of enjoyment just putting them together.  All you need is a pair of pliers, some glue and the kit itself and within a few hours you’ll have yourself a working catapult or trebuchet.

After that just take it to your desk and find some ammo, and you’re all set to knock down your co-workers defenses and take over their cubicle.  Send over rolled up pieces of paper, or rubber bouncy balls, and watch your co-workers cringe as you fire shot after shot into their cubicle.  If they happen to have their own catapult or trebuchet a war may ensue, with both of you lobbing ammo at each other until one surrenders.

The catapult works well for close targets and is as accurate as its medieval full sized counterpart, while the trebuchet may not have the same accuracy but can throw items incredible distances.

So get yourself either one of these kits and send over a declaration of war to whichever co-workers occupies the cubicle you’ll want to take over.  Just be aware that the king boss may behead you, or subject you to some other fate if you aren’t careful.