Ghost In A Bottle: Ectoplasmic Entities For Sale


Always wanted your own Casper but too afraid to get one?  Here’s your chance.  Some company with a morbid sense of humor is claiming to sell ghoulish, scary ghosts trapped inside a bottle for a mere $20.  Yes, that and your soul for eternity!

Each Ghost in a Bottle supposedly comes with one ghost that’s been captured from a haunted establishment and trapped inside a container for mass consumption, courtesy of the company’s trained ghost hunters.  There’s no word on whether the aforementioned hunters use equipment similar to the Ghostbusters, but it sure sounds fun imagining that they do.

Measuring 11 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, each bottle is sealed with an accompanying warning dissuading buyers from opening them.  “You may release the Ghost at your own discretion and at your own risk,” according to the company, adding further cautionary tales about customers who ended up unleashing ghosts into their own homes.  Wooooo…..

To prove that your bottle contains a real ghost and not just Coca-Cola past its shelf life, each purchase comes with a certificate that’s duly signed by the hunter who bagged the ectoplasmic entity.  Of course, I also have a neighbor who would gladly sign any fake certificate if you give him five bucks, so, yeah, I’m 100% sure this document is authentic.

At any rate, a Ghost in a Bottle sure sounds like a nice way to own a pet that doesn’t require any maintenance.  There’s no feeding, no bathing and not even any petting necessary.  In fact, there’s likely not even anything inside – just a cool way to sell a 50-cent bottle for $20.  Doesn’t make it any less fun, though, right?

[Ghost In A Bottle via Geekologie]