GI Joe Sunglasses Are Actually Not Tacky

I didn’t have very high hopes for the new GI Joe movie, but I have to admit: it’s pretty awesome.  Sure, it veers a bit too far into the Michael Bay school of action movies, but it’s a heck of an entertaining two hours that somewhat rekindled my love for the franchise.  And you know what happens when fully grown adults start reminiscing about the toys of their youth, right?  They go dumb and buy merchandise intended for children.  Well, maybe that doesn’t need to happen now with these awesome GI Joe Sunglasses hitting the streets.

Made by Look/See, it’s a series of sunglasses inspired by GI Joe characters.  Don’t worry — there are no tacky drawings of the characters, no cheesy novelty designs, and absolutely no inkling that these are made for children.  In fact, they’re so tastefully designed that they’ll fit right in with all your adult clothes, your adult car and, probably, even your adult job.

The Look/See GI Joe Sunglasses feature five designs: Cobra Commander, Destro, Duke, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.  Each of the frames and lenses bear colorways reminiscent of the corresponding character’s costume, which makes it identifiable enough to spark some fanboy nostalgia without making you like an absolute dork all over again.   Construction is high-quality acetate for the frames, with 100% UV-protectant CR-39 lenses.   The frames measures 53 mm long, with 145mm temple length and 4.5 mm base curve.

The best part?  All the sunglasses come in GI Joe packaging based on the exact same way the original action figures (yes, like the ones your parents bought you during ancient times) were packaged, so it should bring back a torrent of great memories.  Seriously, the packaging is so good, you probably won’t even want to remove the shades when you get them.

Look/See has the GI Joe Sunglasses available now, priced at $110 each.  All designs are limited edition, by the way, so best get them while you can.

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