Giant Gummy Bear Shows You What 12,600 Calories Look Like

Addicted to gummy bears?  Sometimes, the best way to curb a sugar addiction is just to load up on it, popping those bite-sized things over and over till you’re sick and vomiting.  Alternatively, you can just try finishing this in one sitting – the world’s largest gummy bear.

Ever wondered what 12,600 calories on a single snack looks like?  Take a gander at it, in its cute and cuddly form.  According to the retailer, the thing fits in the equivalent of 1,400 regular-sized gummies, which I suspect is the threshold of non-stop chewing before your teeth falls off.

Measuring 9 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches and weighing a hefty five pounds, the ridiculously excessive treat is a gummy bear through and through.  From the shape to the taste to the relatively unhealthy ingredients, it’s the same decadently tasty treat in an oversized body.  It’s available in blue raspberry, red cherry and green apple flavors, all of them guaranteed to give you a sugar overload.

Of course, it’s recommended to be shared and eaten in more sensible amounts.  In fact, they claim it can last a good year when refrigerated properly.  The idea of doing that, though, is a bit questionable.  Will you really keep eating a six-month old gummy bear on a Tupperware in your fridge?

Retailer VAT19 claims you will explode if you eat the whole beast in one sitting.  That’s not true.  What will happen is you’ll be visited by cannibals in your sleep, kidnapped, butchered and turned into sweet-flavored SPAM.   I’ve seen it happen.   You can find out for yourself by buying one for $40.

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