Giant Gummy Snake Might Eat Your Giant Gummy Bear

Remember the giant gummy bear? We hope you ate yours already, cause if you didn’t, this Giant Gummy Snake might just come to life and snack on that pudgy giant treat.

If you prefer your gummys shaped like worms rather than bears, this mutated monster version will probably be right up your alley.  And like a proper snake, we’re guessing this can kill you too, with its 2,280 calories and inordinately high amounts of sugar.

The Giant Gummy Snake measures over 29 inches long with a 4.5 inch circumference, so it’s easily as big as a full-grown corn snake, allowing you to do wonderful things like wrap it around your forearm while you bite off the tail, wear it around your neck like a creepy cult leader or something similarly awesome.  It features realistic textured eyes and scales, too, so you can easily pass it off as a snake for pranking people if you dim the lighting a bit and set the right scary mood.

The entire thing is one big gummy candy, so you can literally consume it all from head to tail.  Hopefully, not in one sitting, but that’s cool, too.  Each snake comes in two colors (with two-tone patterns) and two corresponding flavors.  Current line up includes red cherry/blue raspberry, green apple/ orange, berry blast /lemon and a few others.

I imagine I’ll play with it a lot before eating it and then realize how much I played with it before I ate it and how dirty it probably was.  But, alas, wisdom comes too late.  It’s available now for $17.99.

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