Use The Tracker Packer To Strap Your Satellite Messenger In A More Accessible Spot


Satellite messengers are great, as they let you communicate with people in your group even without any cell service for miles. That’s why, it’s now become a staple for many backcountry explorers who frequently find themselves adventuring in off-the-grid places. While their size makes them ideal for stuffing in a pocket, wouldn’t you rather have them have on your backpack’s strap for even easier access? That’s exactly what the Tracker Packer allows you to do.

Made by Giant Loop, it’s a holster option for satellite messengers, allowing you to strap it down to your arm, to your backpack strap, or some other similarly suitable area. That way, you can immediately access it when an actual emergency occurs, saving you from the hassle of having to reach inside a pocket on your pants or backpack, which could prove more difficult depending on the circumstance you find yourself in.


The Tracker Packer consists of mounting straps with a hook-and-loop closure that ensures it stays in place, whether you mount it on your arm, your ankle, or your backpack strap, complete with a redundant tether to secure the device to your clothes or backpack. That way, the darn thing won’t simply fall off even if the holster gives out, ensuring your communication tool will be safe no matter what kind of roughhousing it receives in the wild. You have one of those big bodybuilder arms? Not a problem, as it also includes a hook-and-loop extension, allowing you to wrap it securely around your Dwayne Johnson biceps.

It comes in three variants, each one coming with a holster that’s tailored for the kind of device it will carry. The SPOT variant comes with straps to secure the top and bottom of the messenger, which comes equipped with built-in loops, while the Garmin variant pairs a dock-like base with a retainer loop to secure the device’s antenna. The DeLorme inReach variant (limited stocks, by the way, because the device has been discontinued), on the other hand, is equipped with a large strap designed to wrap horizontally across the device.


The Tracker Packer has foam padding to help absorb any shocks and vibrations the device encounters, with grippy backing on the mounting strap to prevent it from moving around while you climb rocks, paddle kayaks, or ride a motorcycle through a bumpy trail. It comes with some reflective elements to help improve your visibility in the dark, although the indicator light on your messenger will probably do a better job at that.


According to Giant Loop, it uses strictly mil-spec materials and hardware, so it should hold up to the challenges it’s expected to face in the outdoors. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty, so it’s nice to see them actually stand behind their products, which should give you a bit more confidence when deciding to use this for your adventures.

The Giant Loop Tracker Packer is available now, priced at $39 for the Garmin and SPOT models. The DeLorme model is priced at $50. They also offer the mount bundled with satellite messengers, in case you want to give one to your backcountry buddies.

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