A Large Pocket Shirt For Your Giant Pocket Protector

Pocket shirts are useful.  We doubt any of the ones in your closet can come close to the utility of the Large Pocket Shirt, though.

No, it isn’t a size L shirt with a pocket.  Instead, it’s a shirt with a large pocket — one that looks big enough to hold an iPad, a couple of cans of beer or a full-grown Chihuahua.   Of course, the heavier the load, the more your shirt will sag.  Still, when was the last time you had a shirt that offered that much carrying ability?

The Large Pocket Shirt is just like any regular shirt — made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, available in a variety of sizes (S, M, L, XL) and meant to hide your unsightly figure.  Except it comes with a giant patch pocket right on the torso, too.  Hopefully, they super-stitched the pocket because I can just imagine the kinds of things people will try to cram into it.

While we doubt it can make for a functional bag replacement, there’s no denying the extra utility provided by a simple upsizing of the pockets a lot of shirts already come with anyway.  Very clever.  The shirt will go on sale beginning December 10, priced at $30.

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[thanks ThinkOfThe]