These Giant Robot Slippers Play Cyborg Sounds With Every Step You Take

While Thinkgeek’s Mega-Stomp Panic enabled people to add sound effects to every step they took, it did require clipping on a strange-looking effects box that didn’t seem very convenient when you’re being lazy around the house (read: walking around naked). Fortunately, they just came out with these Giant Robot Slippers with Sound, which will play a whizzing robot-stomp sound effect every time one of your feet hits the ground.

No need to wear pajamas to clip a sound effects box on. You can now parade around the living room with nothing but a smartwatch (hey, you need to get your alerts) and these comfy-looking slippers, all while enjoying the fantasy of sounding like your feet are made from cyborg-grade mechanical limbs. Plus, the slippers positively look like robot feet, so it can’t help but look great when worn with your Star Wars Stormtrooper Bathrobe.

The Giant Robot Slippers with Sound take on a boot shape (think robot Uggs), with 100% plush polyester construction and no-slip dots on the bottom fabric for non-robot levels of comfort. It’s designed as a one-size-fits-all footwear, with an interior foot size of 13 x 8 inches (l x w), so if you’re an NBA player with 14-inch feet, you’re out of luck. The integrated sound box, which makes what Thinkgeek describes as a vrrrr-clank sound, is powered by four AA batteries. And, yes, there’s an off switch for when you’d rather shut the darn thing up while you pace around the house with a massive hangover.

Available now from ThinkGeek, the Giant Robot Slippers with Sound retail for $29.99.

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