Sadly, This Giant Unicorn Lamp Won’t Light Up Your House With A Rainbow


Do you need a lamp cast in the form of an adorable mythical creature in the house? Maybe not. It’s hard to see one of these Giant Unicorn Lamps, though, and not exactly want one. I mean, look at the thing.

Made by Smoko, it’s a table lamp clad in the shape of a cute, cartoon-like unicorn. Kind of like what the single-horned equine would have looked like if it was a character in the Care Bears or something.


Fortunately, the Giant Unicorn Lamp isn’t exactly big enough to take up the entire living room as the adjective in the name will suggest. At 20 x 12 inches, it looks just like a large plush doll, except it isn’t squishy and isn’t stocked with fillers. Instead, it comes with a multi-color LED lamp that you can use to brighten a space, whether you place one in the bedroom, the living room, or right next to the fridge where it can guard all your food from… I don’t know… leprechauns or something. It features adjustable brightness and multiple light modes, including flash, strobe, fade, and smooth, with the ability to change the light into one of 16 colors to set the mood.


Construction is heat-resistant polyethylene, so it should be safe to use even around children. Do note, it needs to be plugged in the whole time, so you can’t just pick it up like an actual stuffed toy to haul around at will. It uses LEDs rated for 150,000 hours of use.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Giant Unicorn Lamp. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $85.

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