Supersize Your Game With This Giant Vintage Chess Set

We’re, pretty sure, playing chess on a large board with large pieces is just the same as playing on a regular-sized board with regular-sized pieces, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say watching the game played on this Giant Vintage Chess Set looks exponentially more awesome.  I mean, look at the darn thing.

Made by Restoration Hardware, the board measures 29.5 inches on all sides and rises 2.5 inches off the tabletop when laid out all ready for play.  The chessmen are similarly oversized, measuring between 5 to 8 inches tall apiece, making for a set that’s equal parts large and grand.

The Giant Vintage Chess Set features a regular-looking, albeit supersized, board that’s beautifully-crafted using inlaid wood, with a stained finish.  The pieces are made from aluminum, with a gray industrial finish for the white and a darkened metal finish for the black.  Seriously, the whole thing looks more like a display piece than a tabletop game (even the individual chessmen will look nice displayed prominently on top of your Tactical Wall Shelves), making for a set that’s as fun to show off as it is to play with.

Obviously, craftsmanship this good isn’t going to come cheap.  The Giant Vintage Chess Set is available now, priced at $399.

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