Wine Bottle Glass Is A Frankenstein Stemware For Your Heavy Drinking Needs

Sometimes, you just need to drink like a weirdo.  Drinking an entire wine out of a bottle?  Pssh, neighborhood drunks been doing that for years.  How about emptying an entire bottle out on a giant wine glass?  Yeah, a huge-ass glass is pretty weird.  We do feel like this is just a smidgen weirder, though: the Wine Bottle Glass.

Yep, that’s a wine glass fused to the neck of a wine bottle.  That way, you can walk around consuming your 750ml of Cabernet (yes, you can empty a full bottle onto this thing) like the biggest weirdo in the party.  Well, almost the biggest weirdo, right after Mike’s cousin, Jimroy, who keeps talking to everyone and bringing up every three minutes that he just bought a BMW.  When he leaves, you’ll definitely have all the rolling eyes to yourself.

The Wine Bottle Glass, of course, isn’t just to make you look weird.  In fact, it’s very convenient, too — you use just one hand, you fill up just once and you’re likely to spill a heck of a lot less compared to an oversized stemware filled to the brim.  The drinking container measures 11.5 inches tall, so it’s probably not a good idea to hold this by the neck right under the round glass shape; instead, things should go down a lot smoother if you grab it the way you’d hold a regular wine bottle when drinking right off it.

Home Wet Bar has the Wine Bottle Glass available now, priced at $17.95.

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