Giant Wine Glass Lets You Empty An Entire Bottle In One Pour

Do you like some wine before you sleep, but the doctor warned you to keep it to one glass?  Cheat the system with the Giant Wine Glass, a nicely-weighted goblet that can fit a whole bottle of wine.  Genius.

Who cares if it’s Chardonnay, Merlot or that tasty, cheap stuff off Trader Joe’s (they actually have decent stuff for good prices now)?  Wine is always enjoyed best in one form: a whole lot of it.  Cupping this glass in your hand (it bowls slightly at the bottom for a comfy hold), that’s exactly what you’ll get – all-night flavor and none of the repetitive pouring.

The Giant Wine Glass is made from clear blown glass and measures 9 inches tall, with a 4.5-inch diameter.  It holds 750ml of liquids comfortably, so you can pop open a bottle and empty it in one swift move.  That way, you not only get yourself drunk, you help eliminate inefficiency in your nightcap too.  See, you can be expeditious even while engaging in wasteful pastimes.  If only your boss can see you now…

Built as much for the lazy as for the drunk with a sense of humor, there’s really only one caveat.  You’ll have to repeatedly lift a heavy glass to drink.  That’s why we suggest buying an extra-long straw, along with this glassware, to completely streamline your wine-sipping habits.

Finally, you can down that fruit of the vine like a can of beer at a frat party.  Dignity in drinking is overrated, anyway. The Giant Wine Glass is available from Amazon for $11.99.
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