Gifpop Turns Animated GIFs Into Real-World Holographic Cards

Those lenticular holographic prints have long been parts of many people’s childhoods.  As you pack on the years, though, you kind of just outgrow the novelty.  But those funny, funny GIFs — everybody short of people who get seizures every time they visit Tumblr still loves them.  So why not put your favorite animated GIFs into lenticular cards for real-world lulz?  That’s the premise behind Gifpop.

Founded by Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx, the company will simply take animated GIFs and print them as animated lenticular prints.  Which sounds so simple, yet opens up so many possibilities, it’s nothing short of genius.  Genius, I tell you.

Gifpop can take as many as ten frames of animation and print it into real-world small cards that you can watch over and over by slowly moving the card just like those holographic cards you used to find in snack boxes from back in the day.  Except this time, the cards can contain your favorite GIFs, like that one with the cat and the couch, and that one with the cat and the sleeping dog, and that one with the cat and the… well, you catch the drift.

The plan is to let you upload GIFs on their website (still under construction), offer a facility for editing the frames (so you can cut it down to the maximum ten), and finalize the sequence for printing either as a 3 x 3 inch card, a business card, or a postcard-sized card.  Then, you put in your order and wait for your custom animated GIF card to be shipped.

As of now, Gifpop is collecting early orders for the animated cards on Kickstarter.  Pledges to get yourself one of the very first GIF cards start at $12.

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