This Versatile Coffee Set-Up Can Do Pour-Over, Cold Drip, And Immersion Brewing


It looks like any old school coffee-brewing setup – you know, the kind that doesn’t plug into a wall outlet like the Keurigs and electric drip brewers found in most kitchens. Despite the misleading looks, the Gina Smart Coffee Instrument is a versatile and connected coffee brewer that allows you to manually brew delicious coffee with a little electronic assistance.

Designed to facilitate a trio of brewing techniques, the device can be used for pour-over brewing, immersion brewing, and cold drip. More impressively, it does that in a compact size, giving you multiple brewing options while taking up no more space than a conventional drip brewer.


The Gina Smart Coffee Instrument has a ceramic funnel equipped with ridges inside to enable better airflow and flavor extraction, with a steel valve at the bottom allowing you to keep it opened for pour-over brewing, closed for an immersion brew, or partially closed to control the flow for cold drip technique. An electroplated steel knob allows you to adjust the valve right on the brewer, while the base that holds the borosilicate glass pitcher doubles as a Bluetooth-connected scale for measuring the amount of coffee, water, and other ingredients you’re using.


During brewing, the accompanying app can guide you through the whole process, from calculating exact portions to setting optimal brewing times. Features include a smaller glass module with an accompanying steel filter for cold drip brewing, a stainless steel frame, and a heat resistant silicone pad on top of the base.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Gina. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $160.

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