Giphoscope Turns Animated GIFs Into Standing Hand-Cranked Flipbooks

We’re very excited about GIFpop and their upcoming service that turns animated GIFs into affordable lenticular cards, giving folks an affordable way to enjoy their favorite Tumblr fascinations without a single electronic gadget in sight.  But what if there’s a special GIF that you’d like decked in a classier physical form?  Well, that would be Giphoscope.

Made by Italian designers Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali, it’s an analog GIF player that uses flipping cards to play the animation frame by frame.  You know, kinda like a flip book.  To play the GIF, simply turn the crank by hand and enjoy the moving scene, which we’re guessing is how people enjoyed the very early days of film .

Based on the 1890s-era motion picture device, Mutoscope, the Giphoscope uses a similar cylindrical core holding the various cards, which are flipped by turning a hand crank on the side.   The aluminum frame holding the mechanism is perched atop a wooden platform that makes it a perfect desk display even for classy offices and stylish homes.  Each one holds 24 cards measuring 4 x 5 inches each, allowing you to view up to two dozen different scenes in sequence.

Each Giphoscope is built to order, making for a one-of-a-kind art object you can both enjoy and show off.  To order, send in your animated GIF or video clip, specify any personalizations you want for the device, and receive a quote.  Turnaround time is between 7 to 10 days, with prices starting at €299.

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