Giro Apple Slicer Makes For Perfect Apple Spirals

You like fancier ways of doing things.  While some people imbibe their wines as soon as they pop it open, you aerate it first (the long way, too, not fast ones like the Cool Breather) and perform pretentious rituals that make you look like some fancy connoisseur.  At home.  All by yourself.  Because that’s how you roll.  Well, if you want to bring the same fanciness to your daily activity of eating an apple, the Giro Apple Slicer should do the trick.

A round blade that looks somewhat like a broken CD, it lets you quickly slice an apple into a thin spiral shape.  It only slices around the core, too, so you get just the meat, with none of the throwaway parts.

The Giro Apple Slicer measures 3.5 inches in diameter, so it should be big enough to handle slicing duties for most any size of apples (unless you have a giant one or something).  Made from stainless steel with a strategically-located downturned blade, it can cut through an entire apple in one smooth, fluid motion.  Even better, you get thin spiral slices that you can easily break up into crunchy bite-sized pieces.    Oh, and when you don’t want to finish the entire apple?  Not a problem, too — just rest the slicer on top to maintain freshness (still juicy) and keep the fruit from browning.

Want one?  They have the Giro Apple Slicer over at The Fancy, priced at $45.

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