Give Your Bicycle That Vroom-Vroom Motor Sound With The Turbospoke


Love the “vroom-vroom” sound of a motorbike, but prefer to ride the more eco-friendly alternative?  Get the best of both worlds with the Turbospoke, a bicycle attachment that gives it a badass-looking exhaust, complete with an all-natural “engine” noise.

Before you think there’s anything high-tech going on, let’s put that to rest. It’s actually a modern update of the old clothespin-plus-playing card trick, where the spokes on your bicycle’s wheel flick through a pinned plastic card, creating an irritating flackety-flack-flack sound.  Yep, that one.


The Turbospoke does the same thing, except you get the choice to use three different “Motocards” that make varying types of sounds.  Each of these “engine panels” can be further tuned using the integrated power slots for added customization.  They also use a more durable plastic material than regular playing cards, so they should last you a long while before requiring a replacement.

A clamping mount comes with the bundle, saving you the hassle of digging around your mom’s attic looking for clothespins.  More importantly, it rounds out the package with an accompanying visual: a big-bore motorcycle-style exhaust tip that actually helps amplify the resulting engine whirr.  It comes with 15 decals that you can use to pimp your pedal-pusher.

How’s the sound?  According to reviews, the Turbospoke noise is like a cross between a motorbike and a lawnmower (you should check out the video below to get a taste).  Personally, I think it sounds like our really, really old vacuum cleaner, but I reserve judgment till I actually hear one on the streets.  At only $24.95, it’s likely we’re going to hear some kids rocking this on their bikes soon anyway.

[Turbospoke via Grams Light Bikes]