Gladiator Chillerator Fridge Is Perfect For Garages, Workshops And Man Caves

If you spend a lot of time working in garages and workshops, making the space somewhat liveable should be worth the hassle.  A few chairs, a daybed, and a TV can do a lot to step things up.  When you’re ready to turn it into legitimately livable quarters, a fridge is the next item on the list and the Gladiator Chillerator looks like the perfect appliance for the job.

Designed specifically for use in garages and similarly rugged areas of the house, it’s styled to look like a rolling tool cabinet than a fridge.  That means, ultra-tough diamond-plated stainless steel for the exterior, complete with large lockable rubber casters that let you push it around the space all by your lonesome.

The Gladiator Chillerator doesn’t just look tough, it’s also built to stand up to intense heat and cold, so you never have to worry when working with death rays, freeze bombs, and other doomsday devices in your garage workshop.   There’s also a double pass heat loop that reduces exterior condensation, keeping your steaks and beer at the desired temperatures no matter the environmental conditions, along with self-monitored defrost and ultra-efficient operation (20% better energy use than current federal standards).

Dimensions are 29.75 x 72.7 x 32.3 inches (w x h x d), with 19 cubic feet of total storage space (14 cubic feet ref, 5 cubic feet freezer).  Basically, it’s a tool cabinet outside and a high-efficiency fridge inside that can function just as well as the one you currently have in the kitchen.  Except all it has is beer.

You can get the Gladiator Chillerator now, priced at $1,299.

Check It Out via Awesomer via Gear Patrol