A Glass Top Ping Pong Table Makes Hitting Plastic Balls With A Paddle Feel So Much More Refined

We’re not entirely sure how well little plastic balls will bounce on glass.  We also probably won’t care if we can have an object as beautiful as the TravisMathew Glass Top Ping Pong Table on our style-starved game room.

Sure, a ping pong table with a glass top sounds ostentatiously unnecessary.  In fact, it’s probably a bad idea if you regularly have hot-headed friends who like to slam their paddles on the playing area when they realize they suck at table tennis.  But, man, the idea of having a game room that won’t look embarrassing when you bring a lady over sure sounds nice.  Seriously, a thing like this will soak up all the embarrassingly geeky vibe that emanates from your game room, even with the Transformers Pinball Machine and multiple arcade cabinets still standing around it.

The TravisMathew Glass Top Ping Pong Table uses a 300-pound sheet of polished-edge glass, so this isn’t some flimsy top that you’re going to destroy when pounding the table just a little too hard.  The product page claims the glass top will allow for fast, consistent play, so it might make your table tennis rounds even more exciting.  All service lines are set under the glass, so as not to impede on the playing surface.  Frame is constructed from 1/8-inch wall structural steel with milled joints that’s finished with an automobile-quality paint job.

Available as a bespoke, made-to-order piece, each one is fabricated by hand in a California studio.   No pricing is listed, but it should depend on any bespoke requests you want added.  Goes without saying, expect to pay an arm and a leg.

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