Glasscapes Use Layers Of Two-Dimensional Glass And Light To Create A Stunning 3D Effect


Glass has long served as a medium for making beautiful art, serving as a primary material for many sculptures and decorative displays. Glasscapes combine the brittle material with light, creating stunning sculptures that depict scenes with vivid life.

Created by Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner of Stone Ridge Glass, it’s a series of sculptures created using individually-shaped layers of colored glass, arranged on a stand and illuminated from behind. In some pieces, the glass is affixed directly to the stand for permanence; in others, the glass layers are stood in the stand like toys that anyone can rearrange to change the scene, altering the interplay of colors, shapes, and negative space.


Described by the artists as a “cross between two- and three-dimensional art,” Glasscapes cover a variety of designs, including people, cityscapes, and natural landscapes, as well as cave scenes, oceans, and even abstract forms.   To build a piece, each glass layer is individually cut or sawn by hand, then ground and painted with specialized pigments to cover them in color. After that, the glass is either fused or fire-polished on an electric kiln before being installed on a dark hardwood stand. Once finished, a lighting element is installed at the rear of the stand, reflecting off the wall to give the sculptures an ethereal glow that gives it just a hint of added mystery and drama. All the hardware and cables for the lighting element is obscured by the base, with onlookers exposed to nothing but the sculpture.


Check out the full line of pieces in the Glasscapes series directly from the Stone Ridge Glass website.

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