Globe Bars Add A Touch Of Old World Class To Your Alcoholic Tendencies


Geography and alcohol, anyone?  Super spies planning journeys around the world will do well outfitting their hideouts with one of these Globe Bars, a charming home fixture that combines the elegance of an Old World globe with the utility of a place to keep your favorite poisons.

Featuring faithful reproductions of a 17th century globe (so don’t be surprised if your home country isn’t there), the stylish pieces should add a touch of class to any room (apart from enabling the resident alcoholic).  They come in various shelving designs, as well as different globes (both Old World and New World versions are available).

Each sphere (usually between 20 to 23.5 inches in diameter) opens right at the equator, revealing a storage area for up to four liquor bottles and twelve glasses (you can use the bottom shelves to store more bottles and bartending tools).  Crafted by Italian hands, the frame is built from hardwood, with the globes made of plastic.  It ships disassembled, so you’ll have to do some work putting it together.

Seriously, these Globe Bars look like spectacular decorations, especially for study and living areas.   The fact that it doubles as a liquor repository just multiplies the appeal.

Do note that they’re not meant for reference use and are strictly for decorative purposes.  Chances are, you’ll find some weird names in there, so don’t memorize your world history lessons from it.  They’re available in a wide range of prices, from a few hundred bills to a couple thousand dollars, depending on the piece.

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