Globe’s Newest Skateboard Accompanies Your Grinds And Flips With A Musical Soundtrack


Sure, you can strap a Bluetooth speaker to your backpack and crank up the volume if you want loud music playing while you ride a skateboard around town. If you prefer being unimpeded while you roll down ramps, do ollies over humps, or grind across a rail with your favorite tunes booming, the Globe GSB Blazer Skateboard should facilitate it a whole lot better.

A skateboard with a built-in Bluetooth speaker under the deck, it lets you accompany your favorite flipping, sliding, and grinding tricks with a full sonic soundtrack, so you can skateboard on the park as if you were doing it in a professional skate video. No more carrying awkward speakers or popping in headphones to get some music on the go – all you need is this board plus a phone in your pocket and you’re set.


The Globe GSB Blazer is a 26-inch skateboard made from resin-9 hard rock maple, with mellow concave and kick tail. Instead of a solid deck, though, it comes with a pair of round speaker grills on the surface, allowing the sound from the Boombotix speaker underneath to come through loud and clear. That speaker, by the way, houses a 50mm driver and a passive radiator that allows you to feel the bass under your feet while you ride, all while being inside a ruggedized enclosure that can survive shock, impact, and contact with water. It can play music for up to six hours at 70 percent volume and up to two hours when dialed up to the max.

Available now, the Globe GSB Blazer Skateboard is priced at $249.95.

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