Glow In The Dark Ice Cream

Sometimes, things are so silly they transcend their mundane reality and become awesome.  Like a 13,000-calorie gummi bear.  Or a toilet mug. Or the legions of weird Japanese crap seeping its way into worldwide pop culture.  That combination of ridiculous novelty and awesome ridiculousness definitely lives on in the heart of the Glow in the Dark Ice Cream.

Made by Lick Me I’m Delicious, it’s a creamy frozen dessert that glows in the dark.  Why?  So you can look like you’re eating a scoop of radioactive alien grub, instead of erstwhile terrestrial ice cream infused with shiny light-retaining magic.  At least, for the few seconds the darn thing’s going to last before you either devour it or it melts.

The Glow In The Dark Ice Cream performs its electroluminiscent magic using calcium-activated proteins that a Chinese mad scientist managed to synthesize from jellyfish.  Similar to the slimy sea creatures, the ice cream won’t perpetually glow in the dark — instead, it only exhibits the glowing when agitated.  And how do you agitate ice cream?  You lick it (and, yes, you can agitate pretty much anything by licking — just ask Miley Cyrus’ abused sledgehammer).

The concoction appears to still be in the experimental phase, although folks from Lick Me I’m Delicious claim it appears to be safe, based on using themselves as human dessert-mongering guinea pigs.  As such, they’re not selling it for now.  Don’t be sad.  If they were, you probably won’t buy it either, as the current price they have for the thing sits at a slightly hard-to-swallow £140 per scoop.  They do have an alternative batch of gin and tonic sorbet that uses the tonic’s quinine in place of jellyfish proteins for glow in the dark powers that they are selling at the company’s numerous events.

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