Rotting Wood And Photoluminescent Resin Come Together To Produce This Gorgeous Glow Table


Wood that’s been damaged with fungal growth probably isn’t your first choice of material for a new table you’re building. That doesn’t mean it isn’t something you can work with, though. With a little creativity, in fact, it could end up being amazing, like this Glow Table demonstrates.

Created by “Mikeasaurus” over at Instructables, it’s a table with glow in the dark patches all over it. And it’s gorgeous, adding a whole new style of mood lighting to candlelight dinners, apart from making it just a tad easier to find your way around the kitchen in the dark.


The Glow Table uses pecky cypress for the tabletop, which is regular cypress wood that’s been damaged with fungal growth, creating damaged pockets all throughout its body. To turn erstwhile crappy wood into a glowing surface, Mike removed the fungal damage using compressed air and some light digging, leaving multiple cavities across the body of the wood, which he then proceeded to fill using a mix of clear casting resin and blue glow in the dark powder.

Mike suggests either using the table for an outdoor setting or placing it in a part of the dining room with access to a window, so the glow in the dark material can soak in a good amount of sunlight during the day. While he decided to make a dining table here, the same process can be used to build a whole load of glow-in-the-dark wooden objects, so if you’re into DIY woodworking, this is some really cool stuff you can probably play with.

Head on over to Instructables the see the complete step by step process for building the Glow Table.

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