Glowdoggie Keeps Your Dog Visible In The Dark

Your dog has a habit of leaving the house and taking a dump in the vacant lot two blocks away after dinner every night.  And you’re cool with that — saves you from having to clean up.  Problem is, he doesn’t always go straight home right away and you’ve had to get out to look for him more than a couple of times.  Here’s a way to make finding your pooch just a tad less of a chore: the Glowdoggie.

A collar with built-in LEDs, it makes finding your dog during nighttime a lot easier.  Just find where the colorful light source is, follow the path and you’ll find the wayward mutt.  Unless a leprechaun stole the collar, of course.  At which point, horror commences.

The GlowDoggie’s body actually looks like those tube-type bike locks, except with LEDs  installed inside them.  All electronic components are safely nestled inside the durable tube, making the assembly long-lasting and waterproof for all-weather use.   The tube comes in bright translucent colors which, coupled with superflux LEDs, enable high visibility under low-light conditions.

Unlike most illuminated collars, there’s no switch to turn the lights on.  Instead, the collar features a motion sensor that automatically detects when the dog is moving and activates the LEDs to keep your pet visible.  It’s available in different models with different sizes, colors, batteries and types of LEDs.

Prices for the Glowdoggie range from $49.99 to $64.99.  You can buy them directly from the official website.

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