Add A Burning Ember To Your Home Without Setting It On Fire With The Glowing Log Lamp

A burning log always makes for beautiful accent lighting. But other than the fireplace in the living room or the fire pit in the backyard, there are really not a lot of places in the house where it makes any sense to set logs on fire.  So instead of putting your house at risk of getting torched, just get one of these Glowing Log Lamps to enjoy some warm illumination.

Created by Michiko Shimada, this imitation log comes fitted with lighting elements that make it glow from the inside.   Switch it on and you’ll have what looks like burning ember, giving you low lighting that offers some warm illumination, whether for mood lighting in the living room, a night light in the bedroom, or some extra visibility in the hallways.

Made from porcelain, the Glowing Log Lamp looks like a piece of log that’s been painted white all over, down to every nook and cranny.  Designed to look like a real log, it features detailed wood grain patterns that make it appear lifelike.  Well, if real logs were covered in all-white, anyway.  It measures 9 x 4 x 6 inches, with a replaceable 15-watt bulb providing the light from within.  Each log is made by hand in Shimada’s Brooklyn studio using a ceramic slip casting process.

Available from Uncommon Goods, the Glowing Log Lamp retails for $160.

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